Fire Bug


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Fire Bug.
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Quick Overview

  • Barricade light Barricade light produced by JBC Safety Plastics in made out of the highest grade materials.
  • Extremely low consumption on the battery, longer battery life. Huge labor savings by reducing the number of visits to replace batteries.
  • Easy access to D-CELL batteries.
  • Compact casing offers mobility and space-efficient. SIZE: 180 x 88 x 320mm (L x W x H) Security key ( Included in each carton ) it is easy to turn the barricade on/off, or Flash/Permanent light mode.
  • High impact resistant handle on the barricade light is easy to carry and rust-proof.
  • Flashing rate:60 FPM or 120 FPM.
  • Durable and weather-proof barricade casing is made of shock proof polyethylene, ultraviolet stabilized.
  • Lens is made of impact proof polycarbonate; High visibility and impact resistant; available with various color choice upon request.
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Manufacturer: JBC Cones
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